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Mher Vartanian


As an accomplished, dependable Portfolio Manager, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Advisor, and Team Lead,  Mher Vartanian has a proven history of exceeding goals and delivering measurable wins for the organizations and clients he represents. His ability to be an influential communicator has allowed him to become adept at building a strong network of relationships with partners and engaging diverse prospects, clients, and leadership to negotiate and close deals which drive growth. With a broad experience across asset classes and financial markets, he has developed an eye for identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities. Recognized as an innovative thinker, Mher possess the capacity to solve complex problems and judgment to make sound, impactful decisions.

Mher also works with clients who are not yet in a position to sell by recommending strategies to strengthen property value, improve efficiency, generate greater cash-flow, manage debt, and reduce expenses during their hold period. Mher has a history in commodities trading, and specialized in Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs.


License: PA: RS345557

Contact Info:

(267) 664-7118

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